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Do I need A Prince Charming To Save Me?

My neighbor and I were discussing the Cinderella complex and the movie “Tangled” came up. I love “Tangled. I enjoy the story line. Here is why.

Rapunzel is stuck in a fortress of doom and dread. Bored out of her mind while the woman who she believes is her mother uses her and abuses her emotionally. Rapunzel longs to go outside. To feel the grass on her feet, the water on her legs, she the beautiful lights in the sky, and just experience the way life is beautiful.

In the movie Rapunzel breaks out of the fortress of doom with a thief as her guide. She has a handy frying pan she uses to defend herself. She is discovering she can take care of herself and she can experience life. The fears that she was lead to believe were more important somehow are not that important anymore. She doesn’t need a prince charming to save her, she saves herself, and she does the work herself. The man in the movie is only a support, not a savior.

Unlike Cinderella, Snow White, or many of the many movies that are out there.

This got me to thinking about the knight on a white horse and if this is something that is ingrained in us as we grew up. It was. I am sad to say. As I grew up with my two different families, the importance of having a man to support you with money, do the heavy lifting, and anything else was implied as vital for a woman to be herself. I have rebelled against this concept for a long time.

If I were to fall in love, be back in a relationship. I want it be a relationship of equals. I want it to be a mutual, respectful, loving relationship. No expectations, no demands, no gender roles at all. I know I probably stand alone in this, but this is something I have been wanting since I can remember and I have yet to find it.

Something to ponder…

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