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Ugliest Of Days



Every time I went on my Facebook page I kept getting messages popping up telling me to stay strong, stay positive, keep fighting, or find the beauty in the ugliest of days. I think God is telling me something. I have been feeling like crud. My writing inspiration has been non-existence that is why I have not posted anything on Jamie Chases Butterflies for the last couple of days. My motivation has gone out the window. The combination of taking Avelox which is an antibiotic and causes me to be tired and feel yucky and the fact that I am getting tired of going to the hospital and being poked and prodded like a piece of meat getting ready to be roasted contributes to my foul mood. Thankfully I live alone and my grumpiness does not affect anyone else.

stay strong

If I were to find the beauty in my ugly situation right now where in the heck would I find it? I love the fact that every time I walk into my apartment Nicholas is right at the door meowing at me and welcoming. I love that Nicholas snuggles with me each night before I fall asleep. I enjoy feeling his soft fur and hearing his purrs. I love that my tomato plant that I bought a week ago is growing so big and already has some buds. I love that I have a team of amazing doctors.

Can you find the beauty in your ugliest of days?

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