I decided to write an update that doesn’t have anything to do with me moaning about anything that my body is doing. I am going to share some happy updates.

First, I started the process of heading back into therapy. I realized that I need some help to guide me through some humps that family or friends just are not able to help me with at this time. That doesn’t mean I can’t be supported by them, but sometimes a stranger kind of helps me learn some things about myself. In November I tried to go back into therapy, but obstacles happened and I knew that it wasn’t the correct time for me to head back. When appointments you make that somehow gets switched to a different time happens more than once more like 4 times I am thinking that is God’s way of telling me something. The main thing I want to focus on this session of therapy is accepting my illness and all that comes with it. The ups and downs, but especially the downs are what I need to work on. The assessment in taker suggested someone who would do a great job and so I am looking forward to setting up my appointment with him on Wednesday and get going. Everything is going smoothly and I feel comfortable with all that has happened. Next Wednesday I will be making the phone call to get started with my new therapist.

Another thing, I finally caved in and highly pursued getting the free phone offered by Assurance Wireless, since my money is so tight and even though it isn’t that many minutes a month I have the option to increase them if I desire to. I am awaiting my new phone and minutes which should be here in ten days. I know this will help me. I also went into the electric company and got a 100 dollar grant that goes towards my bill for my electricity. My money has been tight and sometimes I don’t have enough to meet all of my bills, so I am grateful for this help.

I also have rescheduled my date for my Rituximab chemo treatment for June 5th. I was supposed to have it on May 13th, but developed some sort of infection. Though according to the culture that was taken nothing grew and that has them puzzled. Anyway, I am happy to have this back on my agenda because the Rituximab does help my body stay in balance.

As for Pulmonary Rehab I am finished with this adventure. I am now working on finding my own workout routine here at home. While walking around in Wal-Mart with my Caregiver yesterday I saw a recombinant bike I would like to buy someday when I have an extra $300 dollars. It looks a lot like the NuRide that I was working out on. In the meantime I have been doing my stretches and walking down to the TV room more often. Anyway, I am hoping to work some of these glitches out with my therapist, since he specializes in Motivational stuff. I need that.

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  1. Jamie I am so excited that you are going to see a therapist! I know this is going to be a huge help to you.
    I am also glad that you got the free phone. I know that it doesn’t seem like a lot of minutes but it is also a lot let expensive to help you out. I bet if we all worked together (your loved ones) we could even take turns each month to help you pay for a few more.
    I will mention to our favorite shopper that you are looking for a recumbent bike…she may find one for a very good price.
    I have scheduled you for SOAR training in early June, but I will contact them and let them know that you may go through training at a later time. You have to focus on Jamie and I know you have a lot on your plate right now.
    I love you!

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