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Week One: Slowly But Surely



Can you believe it has been one week since I wrote the Monster post about my weight? What has happened since? Well, I am drinking more water.

 I cleaned out my cupboards and my fridge to meet my new eating plan. I gave a lot of it away; I did keep some of my beans. I love beans. Beans and cheese will be difficult for me to not eat, thank God that it is summer and beans are not a summer food. As for cheese, well the Anti-inflammatory eating plan is looking better since it allows for cheese 1 or 2 times a week. Yet, I will stay with the Paleo eating plan for the 30 days.

I also asked one of my friends who loves to shop thrift stores and discount stores to be on the lookout for a recombinant bike for me. This friend loves shopping. She has found some amazing things while on her excursions.

One of the things I have read and am working on is making my environment health oriented. You see, I am not just concentrating on my weight. No that is only one small part of the whole health circle for me. I have also decided that I am tired of driving 3 hours to Seattle for a 20 minute doctor appointment and then drive 3 hours home. Not when I have an amazing Rheumatologist here in Vancouver. A friend reminded me of this when she and I talked about auto-immune diseases. We both have them, and she even sees this doctor. I canceled my appointment in Seattle and made an appointment here in Seattle for my CRP test, which is a test that tells you how much inflammation is in your body. It is time for me to get this test done. On June 10th I will see my Rheumatologist and get all the blood work that needs to get done, done. Maintenance of my body is something I truly have to focus on along with what I am eating and how much I am moving. At this moment it is difficult for me. I want to so much join Mel’s Challenge of walking a mile, but at this time in my life that isn’t even something that is feasible. So, once my cold is done, which I hope to have done this week. I am going to work up to walking a mile. You see with my trach and my body always in fighting my mode my endurance is not that great. I can’t fathom walking a mile in one shot. I would die. I can walk my hallway until I can walk that mile. And next summer when the walking challenge comes up I can do it perhaps I can even walk a 5K and see how I do with that. Dream big right?

I have not dropped any weight, but I know I am on the right path. I know it is going to be harder for me to drop the weight. When I lost my 100 pounds and no I haven’t gained it back, I was healthier than I am now. I found some great blogs Fit and Free With Emily and Journey Of A Dreamer to encourage me to keep on fighting and gaining my health.

Though I spent a lot of time resting, because of this stupid cold or whatever I have. I am still moving towards my health. I know it isn’t going to look or be like anyone else’s because well our bodies each are different. I am learning to accept this and not beat myself up over this knowledge. Though it is hard not to sometimes. I am choosing not to let this stop me and not to dwell on this. I will fight on… 

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