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Survival Lessons



I love Alice Hoffman. So when an opportunity came for me to read “Survival Lessons” I jumped not far, but I did jump. Hoffman describes lessons she learned while recovering from Breast Cancer. She shared things she wanted to have said to here in books and people around here. While reading each section I thought “Wow, this is exactly what I need to remind myself”. Especially the parts on relationships and only choosing those who inspire not exasperate you. In some small way I have done this. I have cleaned house of those who have drained my energy. The only ones who are still here are my family and I have put up boundaries to help me to have a safe relationship with them. Though are recoveries are different, one thing reminds the same and that is taking loving care of yourself while battling whatever disease you are. As always, Hoffman’s writing is personal and thoughtful, as well as, thought provoking. That is why I love her so much. Read this even if you are not having a life altering battle in your body, read this if you know someone who is, and if you are, this will give you that comfort that you need as you recover. Thank you Hoffman, your book gave me some light and encouragement. 

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