If you have watched the DVD “Forks Over Knives” then you are familiar with T. Collin Campbell and his research he did on China back in the 50’s. And the book he wrote called “The China Study”.

What I liked about reading “Whole” was the diagram of how he did his research and believes what he does about vegan style eating. I am still wrapping my mind around the science. I know it is healthier, my dad who had stage four colon cancer lived longer by eating this way. It was a challenge since we grew up drinking milk, eating meat, and eating dairy, but my dad choose to eat this way until his dying day because of the science and he was willing to fight for himself. I wish I had that kind of courage, but I don’t. If you are interested in the science behind the reasons for eating a vegan diet this is your book. Also watch “Forks Over Knives”.

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