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The Heart Of The Matter



I found this book difficult to read, not because the writing was clear and concise, because the subject matter was difficult. Dealing with emotional aspects has always been a challenge. I am one of those individuals where extreme emotions cause me to want to pull my hair out. No wonder, since I grew up with extreme emotions that were not safe at all. Ego’s took president over anything else and I did not matter at all and crazy and mean things were said or done in those moments of drama. That is why when those moments come up around me I run for the highest hill and hide out instead of comforting it or I become blunt and tell the person off. The way I deal with it is not always the correct manner. I know this. My relationships are valuable to me. It is hard for me to imagine that most of these emotional meltdowns are steaming from fear. Fear often times takes away the ability to slow down and ask the questions that I like to ask when I am in an emotional bind. These same questions are found in “The Heart of The Matter”. Questions such as, is this the outcome I truly want, is this making me happy, is there a better way to perceive what is going on, am I living in a photo shop reality?

What I like about reading “The Heart of the Matter” as the information and facts they presented to back up what they know and are telling their readers. I love that they want us to know that the mind and the body are one entity; they are not separate like we all want to believe. We created as one whole being not mind separate, body separate. When learning about the body including the mind we tend to separate these things and then we treat them differently. We want a healthy mind, but we don’t think that the mind would be nothing without the hands, feet, tongue, ears, and eyes and the many other parts that make our body. All parts are important. I like that.

The difficult part for me is now processing what I read and evaluating how I feel about it. Emotions are important, even if I want to run to the hills when they show up. 

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