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My Beef With Meat



Another recipe book and information about eating a plant based diet. Yes, I seem to be fascinated with this eating plan, since I keep checking books out that center around plant based eating. I know in my heart this is the accurate way of eating. In the great USA we eat too much dairy and meat and guess what I am guilty. We all seem to be on this protein kick, protein, protein, protein, and I am thinking what about the other elements that our bodies need that we seem to ignore and that make us think we are craving protein when in fact it could be another essential vitamin we are not getting.

Something that I have known and am glad was written in this book was about protein and that yes we can get it in plants. Many plants have more or just as much protein in them as meat, poultry, and fish. And the old myth complete and incomplete protein is just an old myth that is not truth. All plants and animals are complete proteins. I am beginning to think we have been lied to about our nutrition. Though I cannot see myself at this time eating vegan all the time, although I do know I need more plant based meals. I also know if I eat too much meat, chicken, or fish I feel so sluggish and yucky afterwards, but if I limit myself I feel better. I enjoyed the last few pages of Esselstyn’s book with the recipes section. Great ideas for incorporating plant based meals into your eating plan.

One thing I am realizing while reading all these health and nutrition books is there is so much good information out there. And it is important to eat whole foods and not junk. I have been in the habit especially lately of eating a lot of junk and that needs to stop. I am happy to report I have a fridge full of fruit and vegetables, though at this moment in my life after my infusion I am not in the right frame of chopping them up to eat. Hopefully soon I will be able to chop up a bunch so I can grab and eat and no real prep work. Or I need to hire me a cook to prepare them for me.

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