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Living a Life of Gratitude



When I saw “Living a Life of Gratitude” available to read and that the author was from Oregon I was excited. I love supporting local authors. I live in Washington just over the Columbia River to Oregon.

I gleaned a lot of new perspectives in reading Wiseman’s book. One of the things I took from reading her book is being thankful for every small thing, from breathing, to holding your child or pet or spouse, and just being thankful for the ability to move.

I also so a kindred spirit in the way she wrote about her own illness and how it transitioned her into the next chapter of her life. I have experienced that same transition with my own illness and though there is no cure for mine and I am still battling it. I am also thankful for the small things that appear in my life as blessings.

Wiseman is a good author and has a lot of insight into things. Check it out and you will be blessed too. 

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