Vegan Pizza



Who doesn’t love pizza? I thought Vegans couldn’t enjoy pizza because of the cheese, but turns out I was once again wrong.

One of these days when I am brave I am going to try these non-dairy recipes that are made with cashews or tofu to substitute for the cheese on a pizza. I also want to make my own dough and the recipes in this book with the different types of flours to use besides wheat I will try.

The photography and the different variations of vegetables and products that Vegans use made me desire to try one of these types of pizzas. The pictures looked so good and the ingredients are wholesome and healthy and yet, you are eating one of America’s favorite junk food.

If you want to learn to make your own dough and pizzas, but want them to be healthy and nutritious for your family this is the book for you. When I attempt to make my first homemade pizza I will share with you my results. When I was living at home when I was younger my mom made homemade pizza. We rarely bought it. I remember my mom making the dough the night before and it sitting on the stove rising. My memories of how good the pizza was made me feel young again. I hope this book brings up those fond memories for you too, or better yet you can build those amazing memories with your family now while making the dough and creating pizzas together. I do want to try one of her suggestions of putting a pizza on the barbecue. That intrigues me. I don’t own a barbecue so I am going to have to find someone willing to experiment with me. Great idea, right? Especially for those hot summer days.

Vegan Pizza has a lot of creative ideas and ingredients to make a healthy pizza. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the recipes to inspire your inner creative cook.

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