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Butterfly Lady Dreams

I have been in a slump for quite sometime and I decided to look at the places and things I want to do before I live this earth. You might be surprised, maybe you won’t. I want to accomplish all of these things and I will. I just need to get my life in balance and in order and perhaps even start moving more instead of hibernating. So here are 6 things this woman wants to do and see.

1)  whale watching

Depoe Bay Whale Watching:  I have always wanted to watch the whales. I will do this someday.


2.  Miraval Spa:
spaEvery since I read about this spa in Tuscan Arizona I have wanted to go. Two weeks away would be wonderful.

3.  Le Cordon Bleu: someday I want to take cooking classes here.

4: Tuscany Italy: Do I need to say anything else here… I don’t think so.

5.  Horse back riding on the beach:  One of these I just might do this. I have a wonderful friend who wants to also.

6: Butterfly Gardens: I want to go see the butterfly’s. I will someday.

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