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Blessings From Friends


On this journey of mine I have been pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness of the people I have encountered. Just this morning, a neighbor whom I have befriends for the last few months and who is off on her own adventure in Seattle until August when she will be back brought me a bouquet of flowers. Blue Hydrangeas that have petals like butterfly wings. I wish I could smell, these are the moments I wish that I could smell their fragrance.



Last night my sister brought me some therapeutic grade essential peppermint oil and I can barely smell the fragrance, but I do enjoy it. Blessings come; even the small gestures of having someone say hi as you walk by and smile to the kind gesture of holding the door open as I walk through. All these things add up to me being deeply and richly blessed. I am taking this moment to appreciate and be thankful for the kind gestures of friends, family, and strangers that I have and will be encounter in my life.

I am mostly grateful that I am able to breathe, though I am not able to smell the gorgeous flowers. I at least can enjoy seeing there majestic beauty enhance my environment. 

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