I am tired. Not just physically tired, emotionally and spiritually tired as well. I am tired of going to the doctor. I am tired of taking the medications I have to. I am tired of having to breathe with a steel trach in my throat. I am just plain old tired.

I am sure many of you have experience this tiredness within your hearts and souls. You may be tired of your job, the relationships you have, being taken advantage of by friends and family, or even for health reasons like I am.

I am not ashamed of my tiredness. I am not ashamed that I secretly want a break from my chronic illness. I want to be able to run in a field of lavender and smell their fragrance. I hate not being able to smell.

My mood may be melancholy and I am still taking my medications and breathing through the steel. I am still going to make doctor appointments and get my check-ups. Fighting for you includes courageously facing being tired and doing things anyway. That is where I am at today, heck this whole week.  Here’s to a better week for us all…

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