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Learning, Oh What A Treat!


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Despite my chemo treatment yesterday I was blessed with being able to handle sitting in my training for 8 hours. It did help to be with some amazing ladies, Debra from Angel Wings Rescue, Summer Clemenson from Exclaim Media, and Karen Gidderon from Exclaim Media. These ladies make me laugh and feel inspired. Debra thank you for the chocolate.

We three ladies went to SOAR training so we can help our communities build relationships and help individuals gain their independence and freedom for themselves. We learned a lot, thankfully I didn’t have to take a ton of notes because we each got a thick binder with the notes inside all we had to do was add our own thoughts or high light. I love it. I am doing another training session tomorrow for 8 hours and then I will have a certificate which will help me be a representative to help people get on SSI or SSDI. I love helping others and this information will be put to good use.

I am posting early so I don’t have to think about it and I can just get up and get ready to go.

I had an amazing day, not just because I got to spend some time with three amazing ladies, but because a neighbor whom I have only known for a few months wrote me the sweetest card telling me what an inspiration I am and that she can see the shining light of God in how I handle things. I have been needing some encouragement because well I sometimes feel like a big blob of nothing and useless. I love how God puts people in my life to guide me to where I need to be even Debra gave me some loving advice about self -care.

Good night. I hope you all got to be outside and enjoy the sunshine or got to play a bit. Oh, Summer my creative genesis friend made me this cool vase with flowers all out of pipe cleaners. I will take a picture of it and post it. It is gorgeous, thank you Summer.

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