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Cartwheels Time!

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Time for my weekly update, I like writing my updates on Jamie Chases Butterflies. It helps me stay on what my goals are and when I feel that I am not making progress it shows that I am actually. I know I get discouraged when I think my life isn’t going anywhere or that I am not accomplishing anything. I made a decision when I first started getting sick that my health, no matter where it leads me was going to be my number one priority. It may sound selfish, but in reality it is not. How can I care or show I value someone else if I don’t value me? As you probably read in my post “Tiredness” I am going through a process of being extremely exhausted and I know why. I just had my Rituximab and this time around I am learning what I can and cannot do and saying no or I need to cancel and not feel like a total slacker when I do. I am sure many of my fellow suffers know this feeling and I want to express to you that you are not a slacker. Rest is just as equally important as running around. That being said here are my updates on my life.

Eating: Though I was to start the Paleo eating plan and the Whole 9. I have not; I have eliminated bread, pasta, rice, and other grains from my eating. The truth is I don’t feel well after I eat them. And people are wondering then how do I get fiber so that I can poop (sorry for my bluntness) and my answer is. There are many vegetables that have more fiber in them to help you poop than grains do. Here are a few: when eating bread, no matter what kind you are only getting between 1-4 grams of fiber but if you ate squash you would get 5.7 or broccoli you would get 5.1 grams or an avocado you would get 9.1 grams. If you think I am making this up, I am not. I got a pamphlet from the doctor who did my gallbladder surgery in January. The pamphlet is called “Dietary Fiber: An Essential part of a healthy diet.”  So I am still eating dairy, though not as much I rejoined myfitnesspal and I have been keeping to my 1500 calories a day for the last 6 days. I feel good about this. I have been eating more vegetables; in fact, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, onion, and cauliflower are on my menu today. I am roasting them along with some garlic and olive oil, yummy. If I could smell I am sure I would be in heaven.

The home front: I am deeply upset and trying not to be because being stressed and upset makes my disease worse. There have been some vandals coming into my secured apartment building and damaging my community. This irks me. There has been damage down to the dryers, the sauna room, and even ripping the banister off that many of the disabled individuals in our building uses to help them up and down the stairs. I am hoping they will get caught. I am hoping that they will stop. I am learning to pray for them anyway. I have some great neighbors that are watchful of each other and I appreciate this a lot and that is one of the pluses of living in my apartment building, besides the free WiFi use. Since I have been making an effort to get out of my apartment to the TV room to use the Internet I have meet some amazing people that have inspired me to keep on going, so I don’t want to paint the picture of my apartment building being a bad place to live. It isn’t.

Infusion: nope I am not going to write about how tired I am. I am going to say a positive about my infusion I just went through and why it is worth it to me. I can notice that the inflammation is down. My right arm looks normal. I don’t look like a swollen puffer fish. My breathing seems to be better too, which makes me extremely excited. If I wasn’t so tired I would be doing cartwheels down my hallway and twirling around in joy. Though I have to go through a period of exhaustion to get these results I find it worth it for me. I do understand everyone’s disease affects them differently and choices can’t be the same as mine.

What positives have happened this week for you?

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