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Adventures of the Week



It is that time of week again, an update on my progress on my journey.

I am now finally feeling like myself. I learned this time around that it takes me 3 full weeks to finally feel like a human again after my Rituximab treatment. In fact, I went shopping today and started walking more. My arms and legs are not so swollen that they look like puffer fish. I am so happy about this. It now has been 8 months since my last throat surgery and I am going towards a year. Then I am hoping to talk to the ENT’s up north about getting rid of my trach. Everyone keep praying with me for this would make me the happiest woman ever.

I am still using myfitnesspal and keeping at my 1500 calories a day. I have lost 3 pounds since I started two weeks ago. I am happy about this progress. I do have several goals in mind to get me up and moving more.

Books I am reading for future book reviews. I get all my books to read from Netgallery. Here’s my list:

Francis of Assissi: Augustine Thompson

Healing with the Arts: Michael Samuels

How to build a lasting relationship: Myrna Mazzola Zezza

Lincoln In The World: Kevin Peraino

The Healing Paradox: Steven Goldsmith

Vegan Pizza: Julie Hasson

Writing to wake the soul: Karen Hering


My goals for this coming week include:

Moving ten minutes a day

Get blood work done to check my vitamin D levels, comprehensive metabolic panel and my A1C fasting lipid panel.

Keep on rearranging my apartment to fit my needs.

Keep on writing on my book “Finding Joy with Illness”.

Until next week, I hope you remember to breathe and enjoy those small moments. 

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