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How To Build a Loving, Lasting Relationship



Relationship happens to be one of the things that I have been working on in my journey to health. I believe having a healthy relationship takes time, commitment, getting to know your own faults, and being willing to share those and change them. Zezza’s book illustrates a relationship being like a house with land, a foundation, walls, roof, interior, and all those things that make a house.  I love her metaphor for what a relationship looks like with the house model.

I have struggled with what a healthy relationship looks like and I have decided a long time to step away until I am healed enough to engage again. In her toolbox exercises she address’ the fears that people can have with relationship. I wasn’t surprised by what my fears were, but I was surprised by the amount of fears that I have associated with being in a relationship with someone.

If you are currently in a relationship or not this book will help you dive into what a relationship is and how to get the healthy one you are craving.  Check it out and you will be helped so much with the tools…

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