Juicy Joy



If you are ready to do some deep soul work in order to change the patterns in your life this is the book that will help you. McCourt offers Naked writing and Naked meditations to help one to accomplish great things. Naked means to be real about what is going on in your life, getting down and dirty with what is real in your life and how you truly feel about things.

I have been working on my own self and changing the patterns in my life that have led me down a destructive path. I am not fully there, but I do know that progress is being made. Every step I take in the books I read and the prayer work I do have aided me in this lifetime quest of mine. I am still working through the muck and Juicy Joy guided me through the muck. I know it will help you also in your own quest of changing the patterns in your life. Doing the Naked Writing helped me to root out some things that I have been neglecting in my own quest for healing. Things that I have been suppressing because the memories hurt, I felt shame.

One thing I do know from my own experience is when you bring painful memories to the light, you are set free. The shame and guilt cannot take root and continue to grow. One way is to be honest with yourself about all manners of your life and face them. This book teaches you that and a lot more.

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