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Provence, 1970



Beautiful book, a woman on the path of self-discovery in France in the 70’s while writing and eating yummy food. I have always loved reading M.F.K. Fisher’s books. I discovered her writing while browsing the Longview Public Library looking for a summer read when I was 16 years oldI. I long ago didn’t like those romance novels that other young teenagers my age read. I was more prone to self-help books, biographies and M.F.K Fisher was one that I discovered on the library shelf. That summer I read M.F.K Fisher and the biographies of Willa Cather.  What I found most interesting was how bratty some of the authors were, they act so polite, so demure, but in reality they were snobby and eccentric. I love the accounts of having dinner with Julia Child and Paul Child. Being in France, free from the hustle and bustle of her cooking show and just doing what she loved to do, cook and eat yummy food while visiting with people she enjoyed being around. I can just imagine the immense joy of working together to create a fabulous meal.

What I found the most interesting is that M.F.K Fisher at age 65 felt like she needed to find herself, to discover her soul, discover and love who she is despite the criticism of others, especially her so called friend and a cookbook author. Her brave soul, wanted something more and she went and got it. She sounds like a wonderful lady. I would have loved sitting at her big table enjoying her company.

I deeply and joyfully devoured this book in two days. I couldn’t put it down.  I love this book.

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