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Money A Love Story



I was attracted by the title of this book. At first I wasn’t going to download it from the Netgalley, because well money talk scares me. I live on SSDI because of my Vasculitis Auto-immune disease so I didn’t think I needed to read a book about money. I am glad that I didn’t let my resistance win, but instead listened to my intuition.

What I love about reading this book is Northrup starts off by having you tell your own story around money. This was deeply eye opening for me. Because I grew up poor, scrounging for money with my mother who was mentally and physically ill and right now I am in the same boat as she was. The only difference is that I have hope on my side and I am not mentally ill. With doing the exercises in this book, I realized that I could still get my SSDI and make some money to help me achieve a comfortable life for me. I don’t want a big fancy house, or a fancy car, I just want my bills paid, go on a vacation, be able to buy the things that I need in order to live.

Being honest about how you view money is a huge step for me, because I usually gave it away. From what I learned this stems from when I was a kid and my money was just taken from me, so having an abundance of money meant it was free for someone else to take, so instead of having them take it, I gave it to them instead. Screwed up thinking, right? I know.  This is something I rooted out in one of the many exercises you do in this book.

I realize that part of my self-care is to be honest about my money and doing what I need to have a better life for me. I can’t help someone else if I am not able to meet my needs at all.

This book is amazing and I know that when you do the exercises you will root out your emotions and learn new skills. 

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