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The Pillars Of Health



In Pillars of Health by John Pierre I was given many great ideas in adding into my health journey with my Vasculitis and Auto-immune disease. In two of the pillars, Movement and Nutrition are the ones I have the most difficulty in. Movement, with my breathing issue has become a challenge. Though I am making more of an effort, going through Pulmonary Rehab in April, walking to the TV or Lobby area of my apartment building a couple a times a day, walking the grocery store when I am shopping these are ways I have been incorporating more movement into my life style. In Pierre’s book he shared many other ideas that I am seriously thinking about adding into my movement. Gaining strength and not just building endurance needs to be added into my movement practice. He showed some great exercises to do with the Thera-band that I have and even the medicine ball that I have. I can even do these exercises with my caregiver, because it sometimes takes two people.

With the nutrition section, he advocates eating the Vegan way. I am drawn to it; I know it is the healthiest way of eating. I just love my cheese too much. I do know eating more of the vegetables, greens and the other vegetables would help me in my own illness. Getting my mind set up to eat more vegetables and plant based food has been my mission for a long time.  I just got inspired to continue on.

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