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Intuition, Cancer, and Miracles



I was graciously offered a review copy of Wiseman’s new book “Intuition, Cancer, and Miracles”. I deeply enjoyed reading this book. I gathered helpful insight into my own illness.

Like Wiseman my first lesson was facing my own fear, fear of dying, fear of learning how to walk, talk, breathe, and swallow again, fear of being tied to the bed relying on someone else to take care of me like a baby. When Wiseman says “Fear is like a galloping horse” she hit the nail right on the head. Fear carries things further down the path of negative, sadness, resentment, bitterness, and jealousy. These feelings destroy. They are not healing.

Like Wiseman I look at my illness as a wonderful lesson a chance for me to learn to use my voice, know my worth as a friend, sister, daughter, and aunt, and to remember how valuable all our relationships are. The small everyday things matter the most. Making a steaming hot cup of tea, snuggling with my cat Nicholas, walking my apartment’s hallway and smiling at my neighbors, these are the things that I have discovered mean the most to me. I do have my dreams that I am learning to allow come into fruition in my life. Before my illness my life revolved around meeting everyone’s needs and wants, encouraging them to discover their dreams and their goals. I never thought of my own. I gave my energy away, I never replenished mine. I was a natural born encourager. In fact, I still do this, but I have learned to not drain myself of my vital life saving energy. I am using that energy for my own aspirations. I am reminded of these life lessons when I am reminded of how I once was.

Wiseman’s book is a loving and healing recount of her own story, her own journey of discovery. I enjoyed this book, no matter if you have cancer or any other type of life altering illness this book would be one I would recommend.

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