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Creative Grieving



I wish I had a book like this while I was going through my period of grief. When I was 13 after my mother passed was my first experience then when Rick died and then my father all in one year. This book allows the individual to do what is necessary to heal, but also gives joy and hope to those who are suffering at this moment.

On my journey with grief and loss, and even though right now it isn’t over someone who has passed away and more to do with my failing body with my illness it still holds true.

A lot of fear takes hold when going through losing someone, losing the stability you knew. After my mom and after my Rick died fear over took my mind. I had a five bedroom house full of memories. I was overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. Right when Rick died my dad just had his first chemo treatment and I knew I couldn’t ask him for help and I knew that a lot of repairs to the house needed me done. Plus the enormous amount of possessions needed to either go to the dump or to someone else’s home. Plus the bills seemed bigger and when Berrien said that she forgot to pay the electric and the water bill. I had a moment when I thought I did that too, could that be what I was going through. Could grief truly cause a person’s normal wonderful memory to disappear for a moment? I believe it is true.

Like I stated above I wish this book was around in 2004 when Rick died and I was going through the process. I am thankful that I am further along in my own path and I am enjoying doing things on my own. Unlike Berrien I have not found my love, I haven’t wanted to step into that right now. I knew and still believe healing needs to happen; right now it is healing in my body.

I recommend anyone, including those helping family members or friends who just lost someone to grieve their loss.

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