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Anyone who has read the book or seen the movie “He’s just not that into you” knows the authors of the book “It’s Just A Fu@#ing Date!” Though I am not currently dating because I am focusing on getting healthy, I still thought well, all good information is better than none at all. I learned a lot about the two past relationships I had and that perhaps my fear needs to be kicked in the bud.

What I liked the best about reading this dating book was the fact it promoted valuing oneself and having a life of one’s own instead of pursuing getting a man. I love that. Promoting respecting yourself and the relationships you already have established instead of dropping kicking everyone out of your life while you pursue this new hot relationship. I did the exercises about valuing yourself. I found them helpful. Another aspect that I truly appreciated was moving slow, going through all the stages of dating not just meeting, hooking up, and then moving in together, but actually slowly getting to know each other and even dating others until it is exclusive. How cool is that? Communication is key that is an element that is in this book though they didn’t exactly say this.

I am in no means ready to start looking, flirting, and putting myself out there, but I know I am armed with knowledge when I am ready to jump into the arena again. I would recommend all woman, young, old, and in between to read this. Heck, I would even have men read this book before even considering dating a woman.  Though this book is blunt, which I love, and a bit vulgar. The truth is still spoken and needs to be viewed and listened too and read.

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