I’m Back!


I am back from my trip to Longview where I spent time with my two amazing friends who own Exclaim Media and who are a part of Living Ministries like I am. I always enjoy my time with my friends. They do a lot of hard emotional work and I love the fact that they burst into song throughout the day to infect themselves with joy especially during hard times. I have not been able to head to Longview for the last couple of months due to the fact of inflammation episode. I am having flair up, but I am chose to go anyway.

Typing this is a challenge, but I took Prednisone and extra Hydrochloriquine in order to help me be able to function without becoming a grumpy grump that bites people’s heads off. I don’t like the taste of heads so I am glad that I do have medication that helps reduce the pain.  This weekend and week I plan on taking it easy until the flair is done. I have difficulty in doing this, but I know it is necessary.

While in Longview I got to hang out and snuggle the new bundles of kittens at Angel Wings Ministries. The animal rescue needs money in order to take the animals to the vet and get much needed supplies for them. If you can donate that would be so amazing and helpful to Angel Wings.


My camera died so I was not able to get any pictures of the newbies, but let me tell you they are fiery, passionate sweet kitties. I am not sure when they will be ready for adoption and I will keep everyone posted. They are adorable.

I also will be taking on some more responsibility for Living Ministries.  If you want to donate or even volunteer or be a part of our organization you will not be disappointment. We always need help with bands and in 4 months the Christmas Angel Telethon will be coming up and starting August 1st we will have a whole month called Animal Love Drive… 


I did watch Generation Um, let me say I did not enjoy this movie at all. I understand that it is an artistic feel, but I walked away feeling so hopeless and melancholy that I needed to watch a comedy. Mr. Keanu Reeves is a talented man and I usually enjoy his movies, but this was a bit too much for me. I guess seeing and be a part of hopelessness watching a depressive movie does not need to happen very often.


All in all I had a great few days…

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