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The Joys Of Medication

I found this graphic someone made about medications. I take steroids, 2 chemo drugs (Azapathrine and Rituximab), several supplements, and Hydrochlorqine. I am one of the lucky few who has not had to take narcotics to deal with my pain. I am thankful.

Taking these mixtures of drugs helps my body maintain a healthy balance with my body. Hydrochloriquine helps me with my pain in my legs and arms. It is not a narcotic, it is actually made from the Yucca tree.

One of the things that I do not like about myself or others is when I make assumptions or others make assumptions about someone who is ill or who is taking a lot of drugs. One they are making made choices in their lives, two they are just drug addicts wanting to score drugs. Even health care professionals make these assessments. It is not always true.

On my journey to being healthy I have learned to listen to my body, even when it comes to my medications, pain, breathing, and even the activities I can do. Respect is something I desire for myself and for others. It is hard to get that sometimes when someone doesn’t understand what your body is doing, heck I don’t even understand my body, but I know that in order to achieve healthy I have to take these medications and do things that look strange to others.

Try to be respectful of those who are taking high dosages of drugs in order to be healthy. You may not understand the reasons and so people are not as open about their issues as I am, but that doesn’t change the fact that respect is important.

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