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McDonald’s Eat Your Heart Out!


I decided I wanted a breakfast sandwich, but not the kind my caregiver frequently gets at McDonalds or other fast food places. I wanted something healthy and not greasy. Ever since I got my gallbladder removed fatty foods seem to flow through my system fast and I have to go to the bathroom and I cannot meander there, I have to run. Funny thing I don’t have to run when I use my coconut oil or my olive oil, but the other oils and butter I do. Um, something to wonder about, right?

I got my big pan out and put a drop of coconut oil in. While that was melting away I chopped up some onion, mushroom, and zucchini. I put a piece of rye toast in the toaster. I sauté the veggies until they were perfectly browned. Then I pushed them to the side and cooked my egg and while my egg was cooking the toast was toasting away. I had an open style sandwich, which I love. Zucchini and eggs, can I just say yum. My breakfast only took 20 minutes to cook. Heck you have to wait that long while waiting in the drive through for your sandwich, so why not stay home and make your own. Plus think of all the vegetables to fuel your body and help your body heal. Coconut oil, can I just say this stuff is amazing.

You can add any vegetable you would like to the mix. I just happened to have Zucchini in the fridge. Whatever you find in the fridge and it sounds good to you I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I don’t use a lot of salt; in fact, I didn’t use any salt when I cooked this up. Still the taste was excellent, but I am used to not eating a ton of salt. I grew up with older parents and they were already reducing their salt while I was growing up.

I am still taking baby steps towards nutrition. I love Zucchini; I believe I wrote about that in one of my earlier posts. Well, I bought a bunch. I am enjoying eating it fresh or sauté. I saw a few recipes on-line where the hallowed out the middle and made a pizza type of thing out of it or even used it instead of bread. I am thinking I want to try this. Have you guys tried it this way?

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