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Vegetable Saute


I found some great vegetables some of them needed to be cooked right away. So I made this yummy sauté of the different vegetables and let me tell you it was yummy. I know eating lots of greens and vegetables helps my body to keep going when I am having a flair up.


I chopped up the yellow squash, green squash, onion, and broccoli and added them to the pan first with the olive oil and a dab of butter. They take longer to cook so always add the denser things to the pan first.


I have never eaten Swiss chard before, not only is it a beautiful green and red color, but I know it is a super food and good for my body. Swiss chard cooks up like spinach and like all greens it is punched with a lot of healthy benefits that promote health, so how could I say no to try some. I am glad I did.

I love squash and even though I don’t know the name of the squashes, I do and did enjoy eating them. I am a savory type of person; sweet is not one of those I enjoy. Sautéing these vegetables was a good choice and I could possible juice the chard, but I am not sure if I would juice the squash. Squash juice just does not sound that appetizing to me. In fact, the green polkadota squash was sweet and didn’t need any added sugar.

I cooked up some carne asada beef seasoned with salt and pepper and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

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