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Sunday Blues

Happy Sunday, though it is not that happy of a day for me. I am swollen, my arms, my legs, and my feet. I have no idea why, as I have been traveling down the path of auto-immune and Vasculitis I have realized it doesn’t always mean I have done something. My body has a mind of its own and so of course, little things can trigger an inflammation attack. My right knee is sore and hurting, as well as swollen, so walking has been a challenge. And contrary to popular belief moving only makes it worse. I am not able to call the doctor until Monday and that is exactly what I will be doing Monday morning. Calling my Rheumatologist about what I can do to alleviate symptoms. I just had my Rituximab treatment in June, so I am a bit surprised that I am having an attack again, so I am hopeful that the doctor will know what to do.

In the meantime while I am suffering I do have some things I can do. Such as: read a great book I received in the mail from author Sara Wiseman. I reviewed one of her books for Netgalley and she wrote me and offered to send me another book she wrote for me to review. Of course I said yes. And it is exactly what I needed to read. Though our illnesses are different, hers is cancer and mine is Vasculitis/auto-immune the sentiments, fears, and journey is the same. I also am in the middle of writing my story for consideration of being published in a book for the auto-immune society. I have until November 1st to get it sent off, so I am working on my first draft and then of course I will need to edit. Even though I hate the editing process I do understand how important the process is. I also have a couple of other books to review for Netgalley, “Super Healing” by Elaine Ferguson, “The Kinfolk Table” by Nathan Williams, and “The Book of Afformations” by Noah St. John. I have plenty of things to keep my mind occupied while my body is being so frustrating. I have found that when I am doing other things to occupy my mind and I am not so focused on my pain I do a lot better. I can feel productive and not feel so lame and useless. Being sick plays havoc with my emotions, I am sure it plays havoc with your emotions as you face the challenges that show up and seem to kick your butt. I do have a hard time accepting this is my body and that I do have to slow down, I do have to not participate in social activities or even the physical goals that I want to accomplish right now.

I took a leisurely hot bath with therapeutic grade essential peppermint and basil oil both of these oils is supposed to alleviate inflammation. Believe me it does. My knee feels better; it is still tender but doesn’t hurt when I am walking on it like before. To my other Vasculitis and auto-immune sufferers I recommend getting some therapeutic grade essential oils, they do help. My heart’s desire is to get a diffuser for my oils, but I also put a small drop or two in my bath water especially when I am having an inflammation attack.



On a different note, on July 17th, the organization I belong to Living Ministries is having a round table to discuss people living in their car and how to help them. We are having special guests come and speak to us and there will be a potluck. It is at 6 PM, in Longview and if you would like to be a part of this, please RSVP so we know how many to expect. So far there are 22 people coming. You can like the Living Ministries Face Book page or even check out the site to get more information. I hope you can go.

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