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Wednesday is here again, and Independence Day is upon us. I loathe Independence Day, not because I am not patriotic. I love my country, I just don’t like all the explosions that happen and how some individuals don’t use their brains very well during this time of year. As usual, I will be home enjoying my cat, who for being a feral cat runs and tries to figure out where that noise is coming from. I will also be watching Independence Day with Will Smith. Love this movie a lot.

My update, first I am happy to report that I lost 7 lbs. somehow this happened. I have no idea why, but it did and I am happy about this. I went from 325 to 318. The only thing different I have been doing is changing my portion sizes and moving more. In fact, I tried out my apartment’s treadmill. I did 5 minutes. I met a guy here who is my neighbor and we got to talking. Turns out he is a roller skater, one of those fun ones who does all those leaps and spins that I could never learn to do. Yes, I am a bit envious, but hey it is cool when you met someone who can do things you can’t do. The fact is, he got me to try the treadmill, so Saturday morning bright and early 6 AM he and I went to the gym area of my apartment and I did my 5 minutes. I am sure I annoyed him because I am still not where I desire to be and I am a bit pathetic, but I feel good about my accomplishment. I learned something about my apartment building to, they have a full gym. There are weights, two treadmills, a bicycle, medicine ball, and a sky machine and some kind of contraption that I have no idea, but I am a bit nervous about getting on it. I will stick to the bicycle and the treadmill for no.

Another great thing that happened this week is I went to the first Rheumatologist I have ever gone to Dr. Kye Park. Yes, I am going to say his name because he is awesome. Apparently, I made an impression and he and his nurse were thinking of me and guess what happened, I called to set up an appointment. I am still going to go to my Rheumatologist up North in Seattle, but Dr. Park will be helping me facilitate my infusions here in Vancouver so that there are no hitches. The last couple of times there is always a hitch and this will help it go smoother for me. I am extremely happy about this.

As for my eating, well I am still struggling with this. Learning new skills of how and what to eat will take me some time. I am not going to beat myself to a bloody pulp when I screw up. I am eating more vegetables and limiting the cheese. I am also working on my portion sizes. I know I eat way too much at times and I am learning about portion sizes to help me in my journey to health.


This week I will continue to work on my portion sizes and moving my body more. This will be my goal for the rest of my life. 

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