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Goals Await Me

Update time, I was busy yesterday so that I didn’t get a chance to write or even go on the Internet until late at night. I enjoyed my day. I got my cupboards washed and waxed, a toaster over to use, and an opportunity to visit with one of my sisters.

I still have not been using Myfitnesspal.com, but I found out that one of my friends is using it and so hopefully we can encourage each other to eat healthy and get our butts moving. I have friends on there, but they are off and on about the whole thing. I am off and on about it.  I also get discourage because I am eating well, but I don’t see the results that I am wanting. I stay stuck in the same weight that I am due to the prednisone and other drugs I take. The only way I know I am doing well is with my blood work. I do know that 1500 calories is the right amount of food that my body needs and I also know that I need at least 3 liters of water a day. Despite my failings I am fighting on and today I will get back on Myfitnesspal and start logging my stuff.  To promote better eating I bought some amazing food.

I didn’t get the security code for my apartment’s gym, I didn’t feel well. Inflammation started attacking my body again and of course my stoma is hurting again. I am seeing my Otolaryngologist on Monday afternoon to see what is going on, so stay tuned. I plan on having Myron walked down to the manager’s office and get the code for me then I can start using the equipment. I am noticing that my inflammation is on its way down and I can start moving again.


I am eating more vegetables. I bought a bunch of Zucchini, cucumbers, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and other vegetables to make awesome sandwiches with. I also bought weight watchers chicken. I also bought humus to use instead of mayo. When I was seeing my nutritionist she said I needed to stop using mayo and instead use avocado or humus. When I make my tuna I don’t use mayo I use olive oil. I found an awesome quote that I am reminding myself when I feel like I am failing. “Little changes and little choices add up to be revolutionary changes in your life.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

My issue is serving size and eating out of emotional reasons. Like I have written in my past posts I am an emotional binger eater. I have been reading and journaling working through my eating habits and my fears associate with my eating and my moving. I read an awesome blog called “Fit and Free With Emily” that is about binge eating, weight loss, and finding one’s own path to health. Check her out. It is awesome.

I read a neat cookbook called “The Kinfolk Table” that inspired my creative juices. My tomato plant has 12 tomatoes ripening on the vine and I am thinking canning or making my own sauce with them is in my future. The other thing is I need to find some good recipes and information on how to can. I am also having visions of me buying certain vegetables in bulk and storing them for the winter months when fresh veggies are more expensive. My budget and my belly both would be happy if I did this.

My goals this week:

Get my security code and start using the gym equipment

Start using myfitnesspal again and log what I am eating and my movements

And of course keep reading, writing, and changing my environment

What are your goals this week?

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