Good morning, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a quiet and reflective weekend.

Friday I was reading in my devotional “Jesus Calling” and Ephesians 4:22-24” Strip yourself of your former nature put off and discard your old unrenewed self which characterized your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt, through lusts and desires that spring from delusion: And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude. And put on the new nature the regenerate self created in God’s image Godlike in true righteousness and holiness.”

I have been reflecting on these verses this weekend and what I must do in order to be a renewed me. First of all, I know that I have made a vast improvement in the last 4 years and I didn’t do this alone I had God’s help and the help of my family and friends. I realized I want to keep moving forward, but I am letting small things slip in from the old me. Giving up on me, over eating to fulfill my boredom, my loneliness, and my frustration at my body, I know all this eating is not helping me, but I still keep doing it. I also joined the challenge of the Sisterhood and I have not been diligent in my commitment to my physical health. I will explain more on Wednesday when it is time for my week 1 update.

This is what I know for sure, I know my life’s path revolves taking care of my body in all manners of my life. I can’t rely on food to make the day feel better, because in truth it truly doesn’t make the bad situations any better. It is only a temporary release, but the stress is still there. Using food is a lot like using drugs or alcohol, the only difference is you do need food to live, but you shouldn’t live for food either.

I will continue on with my challenges that I signed up for despite my failings and pray for the solution to my problems.

Just to share I will love this affirmation from Florence Scovel Shinn from her book “The Magic Path Of Intuition”.

“This is the health that faith built! This is the wealth that faith built! This is the success and happiness that faith built!”

Have a wonderful day and keep breathing!

Enjoy these two uplifting songs today by Mandisa, Overcomer and Stronger.

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