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The Migraine Miracle



I know several people who suffer from migraines. When I saw “The Migraine Miracle” I thought I want to read this and see what it has to offer. I especially was intrigued that they talked about inflammation.  I never realized migraines can be caused from inflammation in the brain and that it causes these painful headaches. I was spellbound by the research, knowledge, deep compassion of Turknett. He wanted to help himself, his wife, his family heal from migraines and so he made a discovery that eating healthfully helps prevents these types of headaches. His plan is the Paleo or Cave Man diet. I have read several books about eating the Paleo way and I am having issues with not eating Legumes or dairy. The wheat or grains are not too much trouble for me. I am not a big grain eater. When I discovered that my body does not digest them well I needed to significantly reduce my intake.

I recommend this book to all my friends and family who suffer from Migraines. Easy to read, even has some recipes to try out and they look simple and delicious. Nutrition needs to be considered when someone has an illness. Eating well does help the body heal and keep on moving along. I wish this to every single person.

Enjoy and eat well. 

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