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Eat Your Vegetables



I truly enjoyed every delicious word that Yonan wrote. I love the fact that he is single and he is promoting cooking even if you don’t have a family or someone else to cook for. I will admit that I am one of those who say I don’t have anyone to cook for so I don’t cook. When I should be saying I am worthy of a delicious meal and I am worth cooking for. I enjoyed the tips on freezing left overs and making things ahead of time so preparing food can be easier. I want to try the grilled cabbage that sounds so amazing.  I also love his tip about always having pastry dough in your freezer. The tarts look yummy. I cannot wait to try them.

I am leaning towards vegetarian eating; because I know with my illness eating a lot of animal products is not good for my body and I suffer greatly when I eat too much. Slowly, I am stepping up to the fact that eating more vegetables will help me feel so much better so that I can accomplish everything I want to. Thank you Mr. Yonan for inspiring me to cooking for myself and making my choice of eating better easier to make.

If you want to be inspired and get great tips and advice “Eat Your Vegetables” is definitely for you. 

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