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Second Firsts



“Second Firsts” is a book about the grieving process and how to start over again after a loss. I wish I had this book when Rick died in 2004 and when my dad died in 2005. Two loses of men who were deeply important to me. I made some huge mistakes and I see that now.

“Second Firsts” is a book about finding your heart and soul and learning to live again and the best part is you learn about your brain. Even though it has been ten years since Rick’s passing and 9 years since my dad’s passing I still learned a lot about myself and about where I am still holding on to the grief of my loss. I did a lot of journaling exercises and I feel cleaned out and ready to step into the next chapters of my life.

Check this book out especially if you are dealing with a significant loss. And even if you aren’t, this book will help you understand what the person who has journey.

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