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Demolished and New


I have not felt like writing a happy, praise worthy post in a while.  Friday was a big day for me and I learned that there are some amazing men who are willing to help out with no expectations. I have three of them who are my neighbors. Two of them Friday morning demolished my old yucky couch into smaller pieces and put them in the dumpster for me. I have wanted to get rid of my old couch since August of last year. And I have put in several requests and I have been praying for this to happen for a year now. Finally, my prayers were answered and now by my family but by my neighbors.


This year I have been making an effort to be friendly with my neighbors and those in my life. I have made several friends this year who have given me different perspectives on living a healthy life and I am so grateful for this.

Yes, I am exhausted because of this week, but I feel good about the small things that have been happening in my environment. I have a new couch, I also have a deep cleaned apartment, and most of all I have amazing neighbors who are willing to help each other with no expectations and I hope I can return the favor some time.  I hope to rest this weekend. I hope to get a book review that I need to write down of a book I read about grieving written and done. And I am looking forward to learning how to work with my Excel program so I can do a great job for Living Ministries. Currently we are looking for acts for the upcoming Christmas Angel Telethon. If you are interested check out Living Ministries website and email us.

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