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Animal Love Drive



I wouldn’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my beloved cat Nicholas. He has been my biggest comfort during my many challenges with my health. In fact, the last couple of days he has been even more affectionate than he already is because he knows I am not feeling well. While I am typing this I have a headache, my left wrist hurts, and I just feel yucky. Nicholas somehow knows this and feels it is his job to comfort me. I know many other pets that do this for their owners. Therapy cats and dogs are vital in a person’s recovery and that is exactly what my Nicholas is to me. I know I am not alone in this knowledge.


You are probably wondering why I am telling you all this and the reason is because Living Ministries is hosting an Animal Love Drive in hopes to raise $500 and 500 pounds of food for Angel Wings Ministries and what Angel Wings cannot use will be donated to CAP’s  Meals on Wheels program for pets. I know how vital Nicholas is for my recovery and that is why I am in full support for any program that helps animals and especially their owners take care of them.

Angel Wings is run by Debra Lawson-Beam who has a huge heart for the animals she cares for. She has cats and dogs up for adoption and they all need veterinarian care, food dishes, dog and cat beds, food, and all those necessities that animal’s need.

The whole month of August is dedicated to collecting money and items to help run Angel Wings to its full potential. You can donate at Angel Wings website or Living Ministries website and if you have items to donate contact Living Ministries and we will pick the items up.


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