Loving Our Pets

Good morning! I hope you have a spectacular day. This morning I am heavily disheartened by a flea situation in my apartment building caused from an ex-neighbor who just moved out recently. The reason it is disheartening to me is the fact that I bewildered that someone who has a pet can allow such an infestation take over their beloved pet that it takes 5 or 6 bombing to take care of the problem. Not only have that but allowed it to affect their neighbors and their owners. Many of the pets here in my complex are therapy pets. My Nicholas is for me and I cannot imagine not taking loving care of him especially when he has done the same thing for me.

Fleas are dangerous for pets; they can literally suck the life out of them if they are bad enough. So this week I am working on getting rid of the fleas that have invaded my life. They are not as bad as they were on Monday, but I still have a couple of buggers invading my home. I am thankful for my sister in law who brought over some flea medicine for Nicholas and helped me to put it on him. He didn’t like it, but he is feeling so much better and this makes my heart happy. I am still angry at my ex-neighbor and their irresponsibility to themselves and their animal, but I mainly have this huge heart for their animal.

I cannot imagine being so heartless toward Nicholas that I just let him suffer. He has been my companion for three years and has been with me through so many of my trials that I want him to be healthy and happy. I am thankful that I have family who is willing to help me with Nicholas’ care, and today I will be trying Borax to see if this will help levitate the problem. If not, then I will have to bomb my apartment, which will affect my trach greatly. My sister in law gave me some spray that you spray around, not a bomb and this stuff is not as strong as a bomb and it affects my trach and breathing so I can just imagine what the bomb will do.

I am so tired of people thinking they are an individual island and what they do doesn’t hurt anyone else but them and that simply is not true. Everything and I mean everything that we do affects someone. This proves my point. Please be respectful and kind and take care of your fur babies. They offer us all love and support and I think we should do that for them too.

This weekend I will be deep cleaning my apartment not only to get rid of the fleas but to promote my own healthy living for myself and for my Nicholas.


If you are able, I would love it if you would make a donation for Angel Wings Ministries Animal Love Drive this month. You have until August 31st for the drive and I am sure they wouldn’t mind if you want to make a donation after the drive. Debra at Angel Wings takes abandoned, abused, and disabled animals and loves them and finds them their forever home. If you would like to make a donation you can do so at Living Ministries… Heck you can even do it in honor of my Nicholas or your own beloved pet. What a great way to honor them.

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