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That Time Again.


It is that time of again, my weekly update. Let me tell you it was a challenging week, but I am through it. First of all, I had to go the ER Monday night and spent 7 hours there. Not fun, but I had a nice nurse that made it bearable. Just below my stoma I have a cellutis issue an infection basically. The doctor took a culture to see what kind of infection and we shall see if it will grow anything. Last time it didn’t. I am so aggravated, but it is just part of my life. I want change and I am tired of focusing on my health 90 percent of the time and feeling like such a failure and a whiner. I rested Tuesday, so I didn’t post a blog. I slept, a lot, and made sure my Nicholas ate and drank. I even asked my caregiver not to come on Tuesday because I wanted quiet and rest. I am still feeling shaky and extremely tired, but I know this is the high dosage of Bachtrum an antibiotic I am taking. I am taking the time to re-evaluate my goals. Here are my weekly goals this week:

1)  I will be going to my ENT Friday to check on my incision they had to do to drain my infection and take a culture and to see what the heck is going on. I am heading for one year since my throat surgery that will be in October and I will be heading up to Seattle on October 1st to see my Otolaryngologist.

2)  I am finally willing to kick my soda habit and drink a lot of water. I am taking this step one day at a time.

3)  Try out a couple of recipes that I found that look so yummy and of course if they are excellent I will share them with you.

4)  Keep doing the abs workout from “The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans”. Let me tell you this is a workout.

5)  Continue to read my daily devotional “Jesus Calling” today’s scripture and passage was uplifting for me. Read Habakkuk 3:17-19

6)  Start using myfitnesspal again. 1500 calories a day, I can accomplish this. I have no idea why I start using it and then I stop. My health is important, I am doing everything I can with visiting the doctors, and it is time now to dedicate this same stubbornness to my eating and moving.

Until next week, keep on breathing. I am.

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