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When Fleas Invade, I get busy!


I have a busy week ahead. As I wrote previously I have been combating fleas, well, turns out I have to bomb my environment, which means extra cleaning and finding a place for Nicholas and I to go to while my place is being fumigated.

Today, I am busy putting everything that I have on my bathroom counters and in my room into plastic bags and in the cabinet. My suction machine, humidifier, medications, and all those important medical supplies I have for my trach need to be put into sealed plastic bags. This is a huge chore and I am looking on the positives of this situation. Here are my positives:

1)  I don’t live in a 5 bedroom house anymore with a ton of things to clean out.

2)  My apartment will be deep cleaned, with the pre-clean before the fumigation to the cleaning after the fumigation. I will have a clean house. Then I can investigate how to get my carpets cleaned.

3)  I have people who are willing to help me.

I don’t enjoy this at all, but with every challenge I have faced with my illness, infestation of bugs, and the negative people I used to have in my life I have God who is with me and shows me the action plan. How fitting that is what my devotional reading was about today. Relying on God through everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly and let me tell you this is an ugly situation.  I am taking the baby steps necessary in order to accomplish this difficult task. Thank goodness I do have help.

Yesterday I was able to be outside in nature and that made me happy.

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