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Back 2 Basics: Week 1, Environment

I know I already listed my goals for September and this week, but yesterday something amazing happened and so I know this is a God moment. This week on Back 2 Basics the challenge on Brooke Not on a Diets blog is to take 2 or 3 things she listed and change your environment. The reason this is a God moment is because Sunday night while visiting with my amazing neighbor and friend Lisa she told me and loaned me her book “Dr. A’s Habits Of Health” and one of the first things he does is work on changing your environment to promote your health. Wow, two separate sources telling me that I need to change my environment to promote my health and not disease. I am listening God and thank you…

I have been thinking about my environment on Sunday night when I first started reading the book and Monday night when I read  Brooke’s blog and so this week I will be working on changing my environment to promote my health not only in weight loss which is something I want, I mean really want but help my WG’s disease. I choose the kitchen and then my living room. I live in a one bedroom apartment and I have the option to use my apartment’s gym when I am ready to get moving. With my leg swollen it won’t be this week. I hope to get this solved on Friday when I see my Rhemy on Friday.


The Kitchen:


Hide or get rid of trigger foods: I am lucky that I live alone. Just my cat and I, I doubt Nicholas wants the soda or chips that I have purchased in the past. I will not buy them and have them in my cupboards.

Make meals ahead of time and store in freezer: One of my issues and that causes me to grab the processed or pre-package foods is the fact that I have bouts when my disease is causing me issues. Such as right now with a swollen right foot and pain, so it makes it hard to stand or do any exercises at this moment. I have an awesome crockpot and I have also pinned a lot of healthy recipes that I found on WebMD and other sources that I would love to start trying. I did try one recipe last month, chicken enchiladas and it was a big success.


I like the idea Brooke had about putting my measuring cups and devices on the counter so that I don’t have to rummage through the drawers for them or think I don’t need to use them. I will do that this week.



Living Space:


I already started the process of changing my living space to make it comfortable and promote my health goals. Sleep is vital and important and so I moved my TV with DVD player out into my living room. That way when I am able I can use the workout DVD’s and at night when it is bed time I won’t be tempted to turn the TV on. I am thankful that my apartment has a gym that I can use when I am ready. I have my oximeter out and ready for me to use to keep track of my oxygen levels that is important to me since I have a trach and any type of movement reduces oxygen. You would be surprised by how much it does reduce when you move and that is why they tell you during exercise to take a deep breathe in and then out. When not getting enough oxygen your heart rate skyrockets, I am getting off topic and I will get back on the suggestions and goals.


I love the idea of putting out where I can see them motivational quotes and pictures. Has anyone ever made a vision board? I haven’t, perhaps I shall. I have found a ton of quotes that I love on Facebook I shall grab a couple to put out for a few days and then change them out. I have read somewhere you get used to seeing things in your environment and then it doesn’t inspire you that way. I am thinking have a set of quotes and not put them all out, but choose a few that is pertinent for that week and switch them out often.


Those are my goals and things I will do to change my environment up this week.

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