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Sick and Tired


Invisible Illness week starts next Monday the 9th and they showed case this book and so I downloaded it. It only took me 4 days to read this spectacular book. I love reading Rae hopes and encouragement from her journey. I love the fact that she admits to having flare ups and bad days and she shares how she gets through them.

I will admit that my most difficulty is from the flare ups. The comments people make don’t bother me much. Though I do admit that I do compare myself to people my age who are healthy and are running around free and not sick and that has a tendency to get me down. Especially since I want to lose my excess weight and exercise is a challenge for me.

I found a lot of encouragement reading Rae’s book and I will be looking into joining her Facebook group called: Sick and tired: encouragement, empathy, and practical help 4 the chronically ill.

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