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Breaking Out!



“Break Out” was my first Joel Osteen read. I was deeply disappointed. Reading through “Break Out” I felt like he was repeating himself over and over again and it was becoming redundant and boring. Many of the repeats could have been just written in the first chapter or two, but he did it throughout the entire chapter about the amazing miracles of God and he can and will heal you. I do believe in God’s miracles and changing our perspectives in order to allow ourselves to receive God’s miracles, but I felt like Mr. Osteen was leaving something out. Something was missing. I have seen Mr. Osteen on TV and I had great hopes, but his writing and that of his TV persona are two different things. This book left so much out, yes, changing our perspectives to receive God’s miracles and allowing Him to close doors in order to open up new ones is vital and important. I believe Mr. Osteen message was good, just the execution of the writing was off. I would give one of his other books a chance, but this one did not meet my expectation.

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