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Becoming Myself


I came across the book “Becoming Myself” by Stasi Eldredge last week while participating in the Invisible Illness Week by Rest Ministries. Of course, I downloaded the free copy and I read it while I have been sitting with my foot up healing from the gout that is causing my pain at the moment.

I needed this spiritual uplift that I received from Eldredge’s book. I have been struggling with where my place is with an illness that will not be healed. My illness only allows me a certain amount of energy a day and I have to be careful in how I spend me currency. I find myself wishing to switch bodies with someone for one day and live in the freedom they seem to possess with their bodies. I know this is not a good place to be and so my true heart’s desire is to accept my illness with grace and dignity without giving up on all my other heart’s desires that I have. Eldredge talks about her own desires and her own struggles and the only balm that healed these pains was Jesus.

I know that Jesus is my balm. I wouldn’t be where I am without His support and answers of my prayers. While reading Eldredge’s book I thought about starting my own support group to support myself and those who want to with their own heart’s desires. My neighbor is in her own transition in life, different than mine, but still the same. We are meeting Saturday with our lists and of course prayers and support.

“Becoming Myself” opened up the gates for me to see that I am ready to walk further into my quest for Jesus and that I am deserving of my Heart’s Desires. That it is okay that I am not able to run a marathon (yet), have endless supply of energy, and have to think of different aspects of my life than the normal healthy person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve or need to allow myself to just lie down and die either. Why is it that we women compare ourselves to others without knowing the full story of the women we are coveting? I am guilty of this. What is wrong with being thankful I am who I am?

I would like a lot of my women friends and my female relatives to read Eldredge’s book. It is that good. Thank you for the opportunity to read and enjoy and be inspired.

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