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Life Reconnected



“Life Reconnected” is a book about finding one’s self after suffering a loss. I know that after friend/partner in life passed away in 2004 and then I started getting sick in 2008 loss was inevitable. I lived in denial and found anyway to mask and make the pain go away. In fact, I started a tumultuous and toxic friendship that left me drained near death before I started dealing with my own health and my own aspirations in life. Denial is a powerful thing. Reconnecting to life and breathing again has been my journey and this book was full of powerful thoughts and journaling exercises that I found helpful. I am still struggling with reconnected to life while battling an illness that leaves me feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, and wondering what next. I have discovered that some things are coming into play in my life. I started this blog with the help of my amazing and longtime friend from Exclaim Media and I started opening up about how I felt while seeking counseling and also learning about how powerful I am just being on my own. Those friendships that I thought were going to sustain me through life’s difficulties no longer has that power and I know capability. I have the power and I have the capability to endure, and reach my goals. Life reconnected is a souls path to finding out how strong and powerful you are while doing with the loss. Read this, any woman who is going through a loss, whether a divorce, death, an illness, it is all about reconnecting to the source of who you are, especially within God’s love and family.

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