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An Unimaginable Act


I wanted to read “An Unimaginable Act”. This book was a challenge for me to read, not because the writing was bad or that I thought Erin was full of lies, but because it resonated with the hurt little girl inside of me that was sexually abused when I was young. Though Erin’s story and mine are different, the struggle with being abused, rejected, ostracized, and condemned is all the same.

I too have an illness that affects how I function and my life and I admire Erin’s determination, spunk, stubbornness, and resolved to be a better person and have healing and healthy relationships.

This book is not for the faint of heart; her story is painful, and probably hard to imagine if sexual abuse has not been a part of your own story. I especially love that fact that Erin wants to help other abused children to have a voice. A voice is so vital and valuable. When I have lost my voice physically from the throat surgeries I learned this. Before, I always kept quiet about the abuses, the drama’s, the pain that was inflicted on me. I kept quiet about my feelings and frustrations, but since I have almost lost my voice and now have a trach I am vocal I say how I feel, I don’t hold back. I probably could rein it in, but for a woman who did not have the ability to use her voice for so long I just kept running once I was able to. Erin is promoting a law called “Erin’s law” that will teach children use their voice, give them the resources they need to get help. I love that.

Read her book and lets support “Erin’s Law” while we are at it.

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