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I Choose Joy

Finding joy with illness I believe is crucial for anyone with a chronic illness. It is so easy to be miserable and say there is no joy in my life. I have learned the smalls things bring me joy. What brings me joy?

·       Sitting in my apartment lobby, media room, or rec room and visiting with my neighbors.


·       Snuggling with my cat and having him try to massage me.


·       Reading a good book on a cold, rainy night in my fuzzy pink socks and pink Pajama’s

·       Using my skills to help out others

·       Chopping vegetables, there is something about the motion of chopping that is soothing and brings me joy

·       Listening to music absorbing the instruments and the words

·       Cooking, I love making recipes that are nutritious and taste wonderful

·       Playing board games with family and friends, not Face book games, but actually board games where you can see and interact your peers. It is bonding for me. I enjoying the bonding aspect of talking I don’t care if I win or not.

·       Taking hot baths with my essential oils

·       Watching movies


·       Eating M & M’s, my favorite

As you can see I enjoy a lot of things in my life. Even though I have flare ups and those days when I am absolutely exhausted I can still find small things that I enjoy that make life bearable again.  That is the key to being positive with an illness, finding the small moments of joy.

What brings you joy?

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