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New Door, What Does It Hold?



I am well rested. I slept a lot today because of the big trip to Seattle yesterday to see my Rheumatologist. I am glad I went. From Vancouver Washington where I live to Seattle Washington is a three hour trip there and back so a total of six hours, plus stopping in Longview Washington to pick up my mom for the weekend is another hour to hour in a half for dinner and a visit. When I got home I was exhausted, but I also needed someone to share with so of course I went on-line for a bit and I also talked to my neighbor and friend. She had her own adventure to share with me.

My Rheumatologist appointment went well. I was not exactly happy about what he said, but I knew what he said about my weight was the truth. The trust is not always an easy thing to hear, but in order to walk through the door of health I needed to hear the painful truth. My foot swelled up and was causing me pain so he thought I might have gout. Since he knows I don’t drink alcohol or eat a ton of red meat he suggested I lose some weight, talk to my primary about stopping hydrochlorizide (a diuretic), and watch how much fructose corn syrup I eat. The fructose corn syrup is something I know I should be watching and course I found out more about it. There are a lot of names it goes by. Who knew? It is not always easy to detect, but everyone must because this ingredient is danger for the body.

And of course, my weight, I am ready to walk through the door and do this correctly this time around and for me and not for someone else. I am worth fighting for and my weight is a battle that must be fought right now. This week I have been working on my environment. Setting myself up for success so I am more apt to choose natural whole foods than the process foods and my crock pot so I can make meals a head will be my salvation. I have also met some amazing people on my journey and I know I have the support I need make the baby steps to my success. My environment will be an evolving thing I will maintain and change as I progress down my path to health, whether it is for my illness or for my weight loss. In my mind, what is keeping me fighting on is because I have been able to face the beast of death on numerous times and I am still here alive and kicking, so it is the same with my weight loss. This lady has her boxing gloves on and her shorts and shoes ready to start pounding out my success.  Next week is Invisible Illness Week and I will blogging about what I am choosing. I have a plan and I am looking forward to sharing what I am choosing and seeing what everyone is choosing despite being ill. And of course I am apart of Back 2 the Basics with Brook and friends. Support is so essential on my journey and I am so thankful.

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