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Monday Knock-out



Happy Monday! I will be having a busy week. One thing I will be doing is getting another blood test done on Tuesday. This one I have to fast for to check out how my diabetes has been doing the last three months. On that note, I discovered through blood work that my Uric Acid levels are high and that I needed to cut out high fructose corn syrup out of my life in order for my left foot to heal. Apparently Gout attacks already affected joints and since my right foot is affected with RA that is exactly where gout attacked. This confirms in my mind that I will be reducing my intake of soda and other drinks from my diet in order to promote my healing. I found out what other names corn syrup goes by and in what products it is in. Let’s just say there are a lot not just soda, but ketchup, spaghetti sauces, and other canned goods, bread, and even canned fruit.

Another important step I am taking is I will be starting up counseling again with a new counselor. I see him on Tuesday. I have been thinking and writing down the goals I want to work on while in this session of counseling.

I have also started a small support group with my neighbor here at my apartments where we will be supporting each other on what our hearts desires are.  She and I will be meeting up every Saturday. I needed this and I am so thankful God provided a way for it to happen. Stay tuned I will share what my hearts desires are. I just finished a great book by Stasi Eldredge. I will be writing a review on my blog and I hope to post it this week. It is a great book and women should read this book.

Have an excellent day.

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