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Happy Hormones!


A few years ago my sister Carri followed and still in some ways follows the Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure from several years ago. She bought me the book I just never took the time to truly follow his plan. I was in the middle of battling things with my health and dedicating myself to my eating was not my top priority at the time. Well, now that my throat is starting to heal I am ready to face the beast of my eating and moving. I have been reading a lot about the Paleo eating, vegetarian, vegan, and all those diets that just seem to be coming out of the woodwork.

When I saw that Happy Hormones, Slim Body by Jorge Cruise was being offered on Netgallery I requested and I started reading. He has a lot of great information about sugars. We all know that I am having issues with corn syrup and other sugars affecting my disease and I am now in the right mind frame to start another battle. My friend and neighbor will be embarking on this new eating regiment.

The concept is to count your sugar calories, because as a woman as we get older sugar is used to balance out Serotonin Levels and that is why we crave sugar. Carb cycling explained in Jorge’s book is supposed to help with sugar cravings and such. This week will be my first week Carb Cycling. Carb Cycling is having 2 days where you are only eating 200 calories or less of sugar a day and then 5 days of 500 calories of sugar or less. Sugar calories are counting the carbs and there is a formula that you can find in Jorge’s book to figure out how many sugar calories are in carb grams. I am going to use this. I am going to give this program two weeks to show me what it can do for my body. I figured out that is how long my endurance of a program is. The recipes look amazing and I look forward to making them… 

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